कब तक रहेगा आसमाँ में दिन ढले घर आएगा 
जब साँस का चरखा रुकेगा तब कहाँ पर जाएगा
उड़ता हुआ पन्छी हवा का तू है कोई झोंका नहीं 
मानस है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा 

तस्वीर तेरे हर करम की आँखों के आगे आएगी 
तू रोकना तो चाहेगा पर साँस भागे जाएगी 
औहदेपैसे से तो बस एक कफ़न भर आएगा 
मानस है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा 

 किसके लिए यह सब किया किसके कहे यह सब किया 
जो किया वो क्यों किया जो जब किया क्यों तब किया 
बस चन्द सवालों का पुलिंदा साथ ले कर जाएगा 
मानस है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा 

कंधों पे जिनके पाँव रख कर तू बढ़ा आगे चला 
जब वो धरा पर गिर गये तू छोड़कर भागे चला 
एक एक साथी जो मिटा तुझे दोष दे कर जाएगा 
मानस है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा 

जीहुज़ूरी चाकरी में पाया है क्या सब ख़ाकहै 
जब कमर ही सीधी नहीं तो फिर कहाँ बेबाक है 
पाएगा क्या औरों के पैरों में जो गिर कर जाएगा 
मानस है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा 

बदला नहीं गर वक़्त रहते होश में आया नहीं 
तो छोड़ ना दे साथ तेरा खुद तेरा साया कहीं 
क्या साथ ले कर आया था क्या साथ ले कर जाएगा 
मनसा है तू आदम है तू एक दिन मर जाएगा


Cost Analysis

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to build one, and just a few days to demolish it. There is no great wisdom in knowing that, or stating it here. I do not remember when, or how I demolished mine. Nor do I remember if I ever tried to build it. But now, it is done with for sure.

There are days when you question your own decisions. You look back and contemplate if the decisions you made were right, whether knowing it was easier to walk the path so many others walked should have made some difference to your decisions, and if you made a fool of yourself being different in a world that you know wanted you to be a certain way and none other. Sometimes you do get tired of people telling you you deserved more or better, you just had to do that one thing differently. Thats what I am here about: that one thing. The one thing that you will pay anything for. The other thing that I am here about: The Cost that I am willing to pay to save that one thing that I hold so dear. Logic or fuzz, all included.

The dream of a better tomorrow lingers around the possibility of a difference that can be made in the tomorrow by doing something a certain way today. While most of the world will tell you the decision is simple, and that it is so visible you cant miss it, what do you do if you can’t see it? Is something wrong with you? Are you a misfit? Are you an elevated soul who can see farther than the lot? Is it just your gut that tells you it’s not worth it? Or are you just an asshole who thinks too high of himself? If the answer was simple, I would have found it. If you feel you know the answer, think again. Again. Again. Is your thought still the same?

A very strong case in point is if a choice is easy to make why must it not be made? Are we not programmed to look for comfort and get comfortable the moment we find it? Are we not attuned to the larger music in life, the genres that our bosses listen to, wives included? Moreover, if you know that already, why the fuck must you oppose it? Is there a rebellious streak in all of us that must be acknowledged? Is the rebellion justified in the first place?  What is the need to differentiate between Great, Moderate and Regular people? Why must a few people be at an elevated level of existence than the others and why must WE try to get to the higher level? Are there too many questions that need answering?

Whether or not there is a definite and unambiguous answer to each of the questions above is immaterial. That the questions must exist is more important. If all of the above are answered, life will be much less fun. Satire will have no meaning, most of other humour will perish. Societies over the world have needed people to believe they can, and must, attain a higher form of existence. Materials are easy to quantify and measure and make for the easiest options to quantify the greatness, or the lack of it in people. The bigger question however is, where will a person draw the line?

Deeper provocation to my own mind gives me some radical thoughts to wrestle with. The thought of quantification of success and the resultant shift in our understanding of how we must or mustn’t behave as part of a system will raise serious doubts about the way we perceive our freedom as part of a society or an organisation. In fact, it applies to life, in general as well. We are a free country after all. Does my country/society/organisation give me enough freedom to commit any of the “unlawful” activities? Does that mean that freedom has a definition replete with restrictions? Does our freedom translate into “Free as long as……”? And if it does, is it worth it? It appears that everything rests around Obedience. Obedience to the Society. We are free as long as we obey.

Restricted Freedom. The truth of life. The subject of the next discussion.

A couple of new definitions

Mahatma Gandhi will be a proud man today.

The other day I was passing by the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore when I heard the crowd break into loud applause and cheering.

“What means this shouting? I do fear, the people choose Caesar for their king.”

I hadn’t even imagined the situation in 1599 when I heard the applause again. This time waking me up. And I realized it is a cricket match and nothing more. No war-is-over-let’s-celebrate games, no Romans, no Caesar, no Antony. No Calphurnia to fertilize, and no soothsayer to beware of. Just a bunch of earthy men engaged in a riff raff of ball and bat trying to woo a crowd of inane, literate and uneducated brats trying to make it sound big by dancing on others’ bonnets and blocking traffic. Welcome to the new form of celebration. Disrupting harmony in others’ lives.

I was trying to place a couple of things into perspective when I stumbled upon some food for thought: what is it in a game that unites a country? Is it the feeling that we can beat a certain other country, community, set of people, minds, ethnicities blah blah, by beating them in a game that has been designed to be played on behalf of the country by a chosen few who may or may not at all be in sync with the national ideology and motive. That is , of course, if we have a national ideology. Or does it unite a country in the first place? Now I don’t know but perhaps it does. Look how we all united to present “Lagaan” as our official entry to the Oscars while Sanjay Leela Bhansali was busy working out “The Miracle Worker”(1962) to “Black”(2005). Thankfully the “united” were careful enough to not send “Black” to the academy awards lest the careful recreation be turned into enunciated shame. More so when the Oscars themselves are more economical than artistic in their very nature. Anyway….like they said in one of these movies that had something to do with our national capital and a very energetic form of dance that involves vigorous but precise movement of the pelvic region, Shit Happens.

What concerns me is the attitude of the people of an entire nation towards the very reason they exist, the Nation. People who have been following the “How Society Fucks Us” category on this blog will immediately understand what I am saying. However, that isn’t what I want to limit myself to. Concerning my thoughts with what I feel has caused the holistic concept of a nation to be evolved out of the rather mere concept of a country has led me to believe that societies across the world are caving into where they all really came from: The Caves. There are a myriad ways in which the degradation of the societal system can be attributed to itself, however none exhibits it better than the way the nation “unites”.

रोशनी का सबब

अब हर मोड़ पे मुझे हैवान ही नज़र आते हैं

मेरे रास्तों में जलने वाली वो रोशनी ही ना रही

खुद हर मंज़िल को दरकिनार कर दिया मैंने

दहलीज़ को नहलाने वाली वो चाँदनी ही ना रही

जिस माशूक़ की उल्फ़त का करम होने ही लगा था मुझ पर

वो बेपरवाह बेमुरव्वत शोख़ नाज़नीन ही ना रही

हर दर-बदर गुनेहगार का ही जामा किए भटका

इज़्ज़त-ओ-आबरू तो खुद अपनी ही ना रही

मेरे वजूद के एहसास को किया खुद मुकम्मल जिसने

मेरे वजूद के बावज़ूद मेरी वो ज़िंदगी ना रही

अब हर मोड़ पे मुझे हैवान ही नज़र आते हैं

मेरे रास्तों में जलने वाली वो रोशनी ही ना रही

Breaking The Law

This is second in the series of posts that I started with “Bringing Our Children Up” and for all those who haven’t read the first post of this series, I recommend you read that before you read this.

In the Sustenance model, a very important function is to sustain the societal system beyond the reach of individual members of the society in order that they stay attuned to the requirements of the society and its perpetrators. While the earlier systems worked on pure individual display of muscle by the strongest member, slowly the power of the masses came to be realised when the same like-minded nature that caused the society to evolve started to question the authority of the brawny individual whose claim to fame was nothing but muscle. The brainy then got together and defeated the brawny with numbers. That is when the “Organised Muscle” came into being and the system was manipulated to accept this new format as a safety and security oriented display of muscle rather than the “I-am-the-Boss-here” display of the same. This image-building became important since nothing would have otherwise stopped the large number of  remaining individuals to get together and give this small team a taste of their own medicine. This team suo motu assigned to themselves  the responsibility of running the society and later came to be called “The Government”.

When societies grew large enough, instances of localised display of brawn by individuals led to the origin of an act that came to be called ‘Crime’. Anything and everything against the established (however unrecorded) norms of the society that directly or indirectly challenged the authority of the “Organised Muscle” (aka The Government) fell under this category. Such individual displays of brawn were nipped in the bud and the “Organised Muscle” ensured any such display was responded to with adequate severity till such time that the display of brawn eventually became the sole privilege of The Government. The big problem however, was to decide what will and what will not be called a crime since it would be very difficult to rule purely by brawn as was evident from the past. Even the Noble Brutus had to explain to the masses why he helped kill Caesar notwithstanding the fact that Caesar’s killing involved a lot of brain too. The solution was simple; a written form of Do’s and Dont’ s type of rules that every member was to abide by if he wanted to be a part of the society. Follow or face retribution. This eventually came to be called “The Law”.

Unfortunately, I think it is only now that the title of this one is going to make any sense to you at all. Law breakers across the world will probably agree that a lot of times breaking the law is only a method of re-establishing self-esteem. Sometimes the greatness of the Society and the absurd way it functions can get very overbearing necessitating some resurrection. And while most of you will say that is the worst way to do so, some kicking back can really get your spirits high. We all KNOW it, we all DO it sometimes, and we all DENY it. To tell you the truth that itself is really very very overbearing for me. Why must we DENY it? In fact if you tread a little deeper on the surface you will see that different people break the law with varying precision but break it nonetheless. Did you ever KNOWINGLY jump a light? Well, I did.

A never-ending debate may ensue if we start to discuss whether or not The Law is required in the first place. Some people have argued that sustenance is impossible without a legal system that aims at ensuring safety and security of all members of the society. My debate however, is at a different level in time and evolution. I am questioning the way our societies have evolved over time and the need for the causes that may have necessitated legal/punitive frameworks. The need for a framework that saves humans from their own kind can only be an essential component of a quest for absolute power over one’s own species. Even in a pride of lions, there is a leader, the strongest lion who can kill his own kind too if need be. First exercised by individuals who became rulers of  tribes and were ruthless killers physically stronger than anybody else in the tribe, the quest for absolute power has never ended to date.

I cannot really comment on whether the first systems of Governance were devised to run as welfare and peacekeeping agencies or as power centres that aimed at keeping crime at bay. Whichever way, we need to realise that any organisation will eventually succumb to individual aspirations, it is only a matter of time. Whether the entire society that required a system of governance has also forced it to be corrupt beyond reasonable imagination is a question that we will now discuss in the next post.

To be Continued………

A Little More…….

This is about a girl who has been pulled into the flesh trade at a tender age and is now so corrupted by it that finally when she falls in love with a man she tries to buy him into loving her, because she knows no other way…….


I was a dreamy eyed little girl

Now I just turned professional

As the sun turns on the night

I stand at the dresser dressed tight


As I walk to the road up ahead

I say ‘Another night’ to my own bed

Did you notice when you passed me by

I get nervous even though I try


I am the one you met outside your window

I wont talk to you about it but sure you know

Why I sell myself to you

Do things your wife wouldn’t do

Only for a little more, a little more


Lying in your bed tonight I see

You’re my only chance to be free

From the clutches of my life so wrong

I feel I’ve been in love with you all along


And I’m still the one you met outside your window

I won’t talk to you about it but sure you know

Why I sell myself to you

Do things your wife wouldn’t do

Only for a little more, a little more


You’re the closest that I ever came to love

Let me rise with you to the heavens up above

I sold myself to you a night a dime

Tell me how much do you want for a lifetime


Am I still the one you met outside your window

Now when I’m telling you about it you still don’t know

Will you sell yourself to me

whatever your price will be

I’ll pay you just a little more, a little more

A little more

A little more



ख़्वाहिशों के पार…..

क़ाबिल-ए-तारीफ़ है ये फ़न ऐ फ़नकार तेरा
सिवा इस मुग़ालते के जीना है बेकार तेरा
खुद खुदा की सल्तनत का बाशिंदा है तू
खुद उसी के जानिब लग रहा दरबार तेरा

तेरी मुरादों-औ-फिराक़ों का वो पुलिंदा
वो क़ाफिरों के से ख़्वाब जिन से तू है ज़िंदा
इंसानों की बस्ती में इंसानियत से परे
कब तक उड़ेगा तेरी ख्वाहिशों का परिंदा

शिद्दती हों ख़्वाब तो क्या ज़िंदगी गर छोटी है
उस हँसी का खुलूस क्या जो अंदर से रोती है
इज़्ज़त-ओ-शर्म तो निगाहों में दिखा करती है
जहाँ शर्म ही ना हो वहाँ इज़्ज़त कहाँ होती है

भूल कर खुदी को इस क़दर खुद में खोता रहा
यह भी याद नहीं ज़मीर कब और कहाँ सोता रहा
न जियो ऐसे के मय्यत के दिन खुदा ये कहे
तेरे जीने के अंदाज़ पे अब तलक मैं रोता रहा……